Welcome, I’m Micha,


So a little about me..


I was born in the beautifully picturesque city known as Hereford. I was always a happy, independent child, a day dreamer, a doer and a dare devil. (My mothers words) I lived for adventure, travel, sports and performing arts.


Entering my teenage years was a struggle for me, I started experiencing what I now understand as depression and negative body image. I was a perfectionist and very self-critical, nothing I did was ever good enough in my eyes. Mental health problems were never really spoken about then so I never sought or received any external support. My internal battles were instead displayed through anger, drinking alcohol and getting myself into trouble, myself and others hadn’t recognised that this was just a by-product of how horrible I felt at the time.


I’d accepted the way I felt as normal, I didn’t recognise that there was a lot I could do to help myself and that I didn’t need to continue to feel this way. At times, I felt like I couldn’t continue. Often, I would find happiness in external things like, going out, relationships etc but this was always fleeting and short lived.


At university I discovered the world of psychology and self-help which is where my journey to real happiness and contentment started. I’ve spent years now investing in my mental health knowledge, learning psychology and coaching techniques to help myself.


I’ve always been passionate about helping others, previous careers have involved public service in some way and I’ve spent years volunteering and raising money for various charities.  I have now come to a place where I can communicate what I know to help others to enjoy their lives. It’s the most rewarding position to be in. Through my online sessions I share the insights that I’ve learnt over the years to help others to overcome mental distress and start living to their full potential. I feel extremely honoured to be able to share this gift with you.


Admitting to yourself you need help and then seeking that help can be extremely difficult, it can sometimes be the hardest part of the journey. Mental health is a topic that still unfortunately has some stigma and people can feel very nervous about getting the help they so need. I know I did for so long. Looking back, I wish I had opened up a lot sooner.

Sometimes we can also struggle with believing that we can change how we think and feel, often you have felt that way for so long you can’t even imagine living your best life, or not experiencing mental unease anymore.


My experience of working with people and through coaching myself, I know this isn't true. Although it may be scary and outside of your comfort zone, I think you’ll be eternally grateful that you did.