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Welcome to the Free Yourself Membership

Your blueprint to overcome your overthinking inner critic and discover inner peace, self-belief and confidence.

FYM is a supportive community, where you can learn the step by step process to change your mindset and create the life you truly desire.


Imagine if:

  • Your internal voice was kind and you felt deep love and acceptance for yourself.


  • You had the confidence to fully be yourself without the constant worry of what other people thought of you



  • You slept well each night and woke up each day with passion, purpose and excitement for the day ahead


  • You knew how to powerfully manifest ANYTHING you want into your life. You had the self-belief and confidence needed to create the life you truly desire – the life of your wildest dreams!


No, not the watered down, playing it small version!




The life YOU REALLY want


The health, finances, career, friendships, relationships, travel you wish you had.



You were able to


  • Look in the mirror and feel love for yourself, to no longer spend time grabbing your stomach or pointing out the things you wish you could change.


  • You consistently showed up for yourself, if you prioritised and honoured your own self-care and needs without feeling guilt for doing so.



  • Feel truly connected to the people in your life. If you were no longer consumed by the weight of loneliness, instead felt the love, trust and encouragement you deserve.


  • No longer look to everyone else for their opinion about what you should be doing, because you know how to listen to and confidently trust yourself.

Do you want to make this your reality?

Well you’re in luck

My Free Yourself membership is your blueprint to achieving all of this and more.

Join other like-minded people who have transformed their lives with my mentorship.


Don’t take my word for it, you can hear what they have to say.


Hear how Remy overcome depression and anxiety and feels able to achieve anything.

Hear how Heather overcome anxiety, became free from medication and got back to work.

Hear how Emma found the group seminar interesting and easy to understand.



Your blueprint to overcome your overthinking inner critic and discover the inner peace, self-belief and confidence needed to manifest the life you truly desire!

FYM is a supportive community, where you can learn my proven step by step process to change your mindset and create the life of your dreams.

If you’ve been stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage

If your mindset feels out of control despite your very best efforts

If everything you’ve tried to date has left you feeling more confused, hopeless and full of self-hate

Then you certainly aren’t along and you are now in the right place!

We’re here to turn you from your own worst enemy – to your own best friend!

In this membership you will receive the education, support and community needed to

Master your own mind and start manifesting your dream life.

I have helped many people just like you get the exact results you are looking for.

Scroll down to see what they have to say.


Thank you so much for the last two sessions 

I feel so much better already and I'm so shocked at how quickly it's changing my way of thinking! 


If the statements above describe YOU

My Free yourself membership is the solution for you.


Monthly masterclass

Follow my proven course curriculum to get the results you desire. Together we'll reveal the root cause of your self-sabotage, and how you can overcome it to reach your goals. This isn’t fluffy, vague mindset training. This is backed by the latest scientific research, that will show you how to re-wire your brain for peace, confidence and happiness.

Supportive community

Get guidance on your specific struggle in our bi weekly Q&A, plus support anytime you post in the private community Facebook group.

On demand support

Battling with your thoughts and feelings alone can be an extremely difficult and painful experience. When you join the FYM family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into a group of like-minded people. Here, you’ll recognise you are not alone, you’ll be inspired and supported throughout the membership and also make friends for life.

+ Personalised mentoring sessions

Delve deeper into the root causes of what’s holding you back with my undivided attention in these 1-2-1 online mentoring sessions. Working together to build the self-awareness and accountability will fast track your journey.


Tier 1  – Membership (monthly masterclass, Facebook community and support)

Tier 2 – Membership + 1 personalised mentoring session a month

Tier 3 - Membership + 2 personalised mentoring sessions a month


Hi I’m micha, and I founded the Free Yourself membership for one simple reason.

I know what it feels like to be you.

I spent years stuck in the cycle of battling my own mind

  • Chronic overthinking! Worrying about what other people thought of me

  • The persistent inner critic eating away at my self-confidence, that no matter what I did, always told me I was not good enough

  • The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, as I hid these difficult thoughts and feelings from the world

I’ve been on one hell of a journey with my mental health.

From depression to bulimia - I’ve experienced A LOT

Unfortunately, I chose to travel a lot of that journey alone because...

I didn’t believe that change was possible for me

I wrongly believed that my mental health struggles where a reflection of who I was. I didn’t know that it was something I was experiencing and could learn to overcome.

I feared I would be rejected or ridiculed if I opened up to others, I felt shame for this hidden side of me.

I didn’t realise this was not my fault!

I didn’t realise that change was possible for me.

I didn’t realise there was so many other like-minded people out there, that could resonate with how I felt.

I can only describe my journey as similar to an expedition to Narnia.

Through the dark, cold, small and uncomfortable wardrobe

I trundled along my journey

Until I finally reached Narnia

A place full of possibility and freedom

A place where I am free to be me

A place where I am confident, where I show love and kindness to myself no matter what!

A place where I receive that love and kindness back from others

In transforming myself – I also transformed every area of my life and have created a life way beyond my wildest dreams.

I do what I do

So that you don’t have to travel that journey alone

So that you can find the inner peace, happiness and confidence too!

So that you can create the life you really desire, the life that I know you truly deserve.

I am so grateful for each and everyone of those painful experiences

Because it has bought me here

A place where I can effectively guide you on your journey to Narnia

I am dedicated to understanding what makes humans tick.

To understand how I can support YOU to reprogram your mind for happiness, confidence and success.

If you’re ready to create the life of your dreams.

Apply to join the Free yourself membership now.

I can’t wait to support you.

All my Love,

Micha xx